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Best Coffee Roaster in the Cotswolds Award 2023 – Winner!

Best Coffee Roaster in the Cotswolds 2023

We’re absolutely over the moon to have snagged the highly esteemed title of The Most Spellbinding Bean Wizards in the Cotswolds 2023! Who would’ve thought our potions could bewitch the taste buds of our fantastic patrons and charm them into voting for us? We humbly bow in gratitude and shower our caffeinated appreciation upon each and every one of you! Cheers to conjuring up our triumph!

For those curious souls, you can find our hocus-pocus headquarters listed right here: Keep an eye out for our mystical beverages, ready to cast their caffeinated magic spells on you! So come, let us enchant you with a cup of pure wizardry! 🧙‍♀️☕️✨