Making coffee simple

We haven’t grown our beards long, got some tattoos or rolled up our jeans. We also don’t claim to have backpacked around the world in our flip flops, to visit each of our coffee farmers and source the best coffee.

We leave that to our amazing supplier, Falcon Coffee.

We just focus on more the important things:

  • Great customer service – by being approachable,  genuine and straight to the point
  • Great coffee, roasted fresh, delivered fast and delivered free (mostly)
  • Keeping it real – simple descriptions, in plain English with no fancy jargon.

Why Golden Sheep?

Based in the Stroud Valleys, Golden Sheep Coffee was established in 2018 by Michael after deciding to leave F1 Motorsport after 30+ years. It was time for a change and a new start… there’s only so much glitz and glamour a man can take, and it’s nice to have a change from champagne every week!

The Cotswold Lion  with its golden fleece, was adopted as our brand image and a tribute to his(or her) importance in the woolen & textiles history of Stroud.

We like to keep things local by naming our own blends after local areas (Worley Ridge, Coaley Peak, Forty Acre Lane and Butterrow Hill).

Ethically sourced

We purchase our coffee beans from a Speciality Team (Falcon Coffee), who source the finest coffees from Africa, Latin America and Asia – all SCA graded 80 and above (Speciality Coffee).
They are all fully traceable back to the farmer (or co-operative), and to make this easier for you to find, we introduced QR codes to our bags. With a quick scan you can easily see who grew and processed your coffee.

By sharing every detail about every coffee that Falcon source, they support everyone in the supply chain who are invested in Quality Coffee – from farmer, exporter, roaster to barista.

Better than fairtrade

As standard, Falcon Speciality pay premiums above the cost of production, regardless of the world price of coffee. They are transparent in their work and aim to have a positive impact wherever they trade, supporting projects at origin and channeling revenue back to the coffee producing regions where it is often needed most.
This ethical supply chain behaves in a manner in-keeping with the principles of trust, transparency, and integrity. It is based on the idea of co-operation rather than competition; nurturing , rather than predatory.

Environmentally considerate

We aim to be as environmentally aware and considerate as possible in everything we do, and we’re working hard to eradicate single use plastics wherever possible. In 2019, we were proud to receive the first ‘Plastics-free Champion Award’ for Stroud. This award recognised our hard work in trying to eliminate single-use plastics from our business.

To underscore our commitment to the wellbeing of out planet and community, we are also working towards becoming B-Corp certified, focusing on sustainability and reducing our carbon emissions.

How are we working towards this?

  • Working with ‘Living without plastic’ (pfree.co.uk), we identified ways in which we can make small changes to do our bit.
  • We use simple brown craft paper packaging with with no foil lining or plastic valves – easily recyclable in your regular  paper/cardboard recycling bin. The bags are made for us at a factory no more that 1/4 of a mile away – we like to keeps suppliers local wherever possible.
  • Our single-use takeaway cups and lids are 100% fully compostable (we’ve tested it in our compost heap at home), and the lids are Vegware (made from vegetables so pop them in your waste food bin).
  • We offer a refill service for customers with their own containers and returnable jars. Regulars also refill their empty coffee bags several times too – Ditch the packaging.
  • We offer used coffee grinds from our espresso machines, and chaff from our roaster – FREE for your garden or compost. 
  • Wherever possible, our cardboard waste goes into our compost, reused for deliveries or otherwise recycled.
  • But there is still more we can do…

The Roastery

Our roastery is located at Bridgend Works, on the outskirts of Stonehouse. You are welcome to pop in to try our coffees or pick up your order.
Its best to call ahead before you make your journey in case we are out delivering or still making our way back from one of the local markets.

We deliver for FREE within a 5 mile radius of Stroud. This takes in GL5, GL6 and GL10 postcodes.
For orders over £15, we delivery nationally for FREE via Royal Mail or courier.

Coffee Shops & Events

You can find our coffee sold in coffee shops within central Stroud, local Farm Shops, popup markets and at the Shambles Market in Stroud every weekend.
We can also be found at local events, which we announce, as-and-when, through our social media accounts and on the website.

Come and Find us – we would love to see you