What’s my grind?

However you like to drink your coffee, we have the right grind for you, whether espresso, filter, aeropress, drip or cafetiere… we can grind it to suit.

Prefer to grind your own? No problem, you can have whole beans too.

Perfectly ground coffee is the backbone of great cup, in conjunction with your personal brew preference and how you like to drink it. Each grinder differs from another (even of the same make) which means finding your perfect combination make take a bit of trial and error – but here, we offer you a starting point for the most common brew methods:

Brew methods:

Stove Top / Moka Pot

This method is much like the espresso method, in which steamed pressure is used to push the hot water into the compact ground coffee. This makes it more strongly flavoured without destroying the flavour notes of the bean.

Recommended grind type: Fine


This is a manually operated press in which hot water is pushed through the compact coffee, through a paper filter, into your cup. Think of is at a ‘manual espresso’ type.

This gives a lovely smooth, but strongly flavoured cup of coffee and is great foe travelling.

Recommended grind type: Fine

Espresso machine

These coffee makers make you a rich aromatic flavoured cup of coffee. In this method, hot water is pushed through the compact coffee. This method increases the aroma and oils of the coffee, making it more strongly flavoured while still keeping the the bitter or sweet notes of your coffee bean.

Recommended grind type: Fine

Filter / Drip

This is one of the most popular brewing methods. This method requires a filter, either paper or a mesh. The coffee is placed into the filter and water is either poured over, or dripped through. This is a very gentle method, giving a smooth cup of coffee.

Recommended grind type: Fine. (If you find yourself with only coarse ground, then that works perfectly well too. However, you will need to use more coffee to slow down the flow of water, else the some of the flavour will be missed and it can give a bitter taste.)

French Press / Cafetiere

For this method, coffee is placed into the bottom of the jug and hot water poured on top. After a few minutes steeping, the filter is plunged down over the coffee, and it is ready to pour into your cup.

Coffee brewed in this way is at a medium density level – not as strong as espresso, but stronger than drip coffee.

Recommended grind type: Coarse. (A fine grind will pass through the plunger filter and end up in your cup.)