Frequently Asked Coffee Questions

Can I drink my fresh coffee straight away?

Coffee that has been roasted two days ago will taste different to coffee that was roasted two weeks ago. Coffee can definitely be too fresh and, ideally coffee needs to rest for a week to 10 days after roasting to allow it to settle down and ripen into its optimum taste profile. If you use it straight after roasting, you will be consuming combustion elements (carbon dioxide gas) which will make your coffee seem woody, bitter and flat.
We will ensure that your coffee will always be fresh, so please try to resist the urge to drink it straight away and spoil your enjoyment –  do our coffee proud by resting it. The roasting date can be found on the bag label.

How should I store my coffee?

The enemies of roasted coffee are moisture, air, light and heat. Storing your coffee away from them will keep your coffee fresher, longer. Keep it in a sealed container, in a cool, dry and dark place. Do NOT store your coffee in the fridge. Because the coffee is fresh, moving it in and out of the cold will cause condensation, which damages the coffee.

What is the shelf-life of coffee?

On the surface, this looks to be a really simple question, but finding a definitive answer is not that easy. There is no repeatable way that “freshness” can be measured.
Some will say 6 months, some will say 9 months, some will say 6 weeks! it’s a bit of a minefield. So we decided to go with the results of a study carried out by Emma Sage; Coffee Science Manager, SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) in 2012. In this review, sensory analysis of roasted coffee (both beans and ground) offered a shelf-life of 3 months after roasting, (based on coffee packed in air, unopened from its original packaging) however, it has a secondary shelf-life once opened. So, for this reason we say that if unopened and stored correctly, your coffee is absolutely fine to drink for up to 3 months after roasting. However, once opened we advise that you store it in a sealed container away from heat and moisture, and aim to drink it within 6 weeks for the best flavour.

How much coffee should I use?

Coffee is personal – the right way to make it is how you like to drink it best. However, as a starting point, if you aim for between 18-22g of coffee per cup (approx 300ml/10oz), you won’t go far wrong. Experiment a little and adjust the amount until you find the perfect cup.

Can I collect my order? Where can I find you?

Yes you can! You can find us every Friday and Saturday at The Shambles Market in Stroud and at The Roastery for the remainder of the week. Orders can be placed online for collection from The Roastery or at the market. Simply choose the required option at the checkout and leave us a message in the Customer Notes section for when you would like to collect.  Feel free to contact us if you require your order urgently.