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Best Coffee Roaster in the Cotswolds Award 2023 – Winner!

Best Coffee Roaster in the Cotswolds 2023

We’re absolutely over the moon to have snagged the highly esteemed title of The Most Spellbinding Bean Wizards in the Cotswolds 2023! Who would’ve thought our potions could bewitch the taste buds of our fantastic patrons and charm them into voting for us? We humbly bow in gratitude and shower our caffeinated appreciation upon each and every one of you! Cheers to conjuring up our triumph!

For those curious souls, you can find our hocus-pocus headquarters listed right here: Keep an eye out for our mystical beverages, ready to cast their caffeinated magic spells on you! So come, let us enchant you with a cup of pure wizardry! 🧙‍♀️☕️✨

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Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycling Challenge for Alzheimer’s

In 2017 I completed the London to Paris bike ride in aid of Alzheimer’s Society. This was in memory of my mum who we sadly lost to this terrible disease. Seeing her laying in bed staring at the wall, not knowing if she could hear or understand what we were saying was heartbreaking.

So it’s time to try and help again. I’m dusting off my bike and taking part in the Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle challenge in September 2024 in order to raise much needed money for research. I haven’t been on my bike for more than 3 years so it’s like starting out all over again – it’s going to be quite tough.

However, if you would like to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society you can do so through my JustGiving page. Every penny raised can make a difference. Thank you.

Michael’s fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society

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My Big career Move!

I was interviewed for Yesim’s podcast Your Big Career Move, on Monday. I met Yesim a few years ago @growthhubciren where Yesim and her team helped me out when I first started out. I was very nervous as you can imagine. I have added the link to see if want want to see me make a idiot of myself.

So if you’re ready for a career change as well, contact Yesim for some excellent help.

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Gatcombe Park Food & Drink Festival

Gatcombe Park

30th July to 1st August 2021

Although we had one or two short showers, the sun made an appearance for most of the time… and boy! was it warm then!!

We met lots of lovely new customers this weekend as well as a couple of regulars who popped by to say hello. We even had a Royal purchase…. an Aeropress for the boat. HRH Princess Ann and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence popped by for a chat on Saturday afternoon, and then came back on Sunday afternoon to make their purchase. I’m not sure we can claim ‘By Royal Appointment’ just yet :-).

Also a new farm shop enquiry came in. We met a great farming couple who are opening their Farm Shop in the vicinity. This will be another local outlet selling only local produce and our locally roasted great coffee – obviously.

Our new Black Ram House Blend went down a storm. We call it coffee with a kick…it has 30% more caffeine than our usual coffees and is also a medium roast to retain as much of the flavour and caffeine as possible. This one will definitely wake you up… 

All in all, a great weekend, with some very tired staff.

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Why is supermarket coffee so cheap?

A phrase that I sometimes hear is… “I can buy coffee much cheaper in the supermarket” and my response is always “well yes you can, but you’re not comparing apples with apples (so to speak)”.

So why is supermarket coffee so much cheaper? Firstly, good coffee is expensive, and all coffees are not the same… There’s a big difference between “coffee” and “speciality coffee”.

  • As an independent Roaster, we use beans from small farms and cooperatives that is fully traceable back to the farmer. The farmer is paid a good and fair price for his coffee (better than fairtrade) and their communities are supported through education, welfare and infrastructure improvements. The land used for coffee growing is hugely important for the quality of the coffee, with higher altitudes used for Arabica beans that are hand-picked. Their aim is to produce the best grade coffee that they can.

Large scale coffee farms are often controlled exclusively by a supermarket chain who often dictate the price – which may not always be the best price for the farmer. Large scale farms will utilise mechanical harvesting that can’t be used on the slopes of higher altitude farms and so they are unable to grow the same quality beans. Lower altitudes generally tend to grow Robusta beans – which are a lower quality and have a more bitter taste.

  • Small independent roasters like us, mainly roast by hand in traditional drum roasters in small batches ranging from batches of 5kg to 30kg at a time depending on the size of the roaster. The final roast quality depends upon the art of the roaster in controlling the temperature and time to develop the best aromas. Using all their roasting knowledge and skill to ensure the best possible cup of coffee

Industrial scale roasting used by the supermarkets is a completely different beast. Using Rapid or Flash roasting methods that are automated, they are able to roast up to 4000kg per hour with each roast taking up to around 6 minutes – half the time it takes a typical small-scale independent roaster to roast 5 kg.

These methods allow poor quality coffee to be roasted at high temperatures, but in these volumes and at this speed, the beans can’t be roasted evenly or develop their aromas. These beans are destined for instant coffee and many bags of ‘real’ coffee found in the supermarkets.

  • As an independent roaster, we adapt our production according to demand and are committed to freshly roasted coffee – usually roasted to order. Each bag will show the roast date, so you know how fresh it is, and give you up to 6 weeks to consume it at its best. Coffee flavours will deteriorate after this time although still ok to drink, it might be a bit bland. Our focus is always on the quality of the roasted bean and the way it tastes.

Supermarket coffee has no stated roast date and often have a shelf life of more than year. There is no traceability back to farmer and their focus is on price/volume. Their business model means that they need to get it on the shelf and sold at a profit as quickly as possible. It’s not all about the quality of the product, or the welfare of the farmer; it’s about turning a quick profit.

So, although an independent coffee roaster’s coffee appears to be more expensive, we can give you the following assurances:

  • All of our coffee is ethically sourced with clear traceability back to the farmer. Each of our coffees listed in our website shop have a section included in the details called ‘Meet the Farmer’. Here you can read up about the farmer or cooperative and the area of the bean’s origin. Alternatively, scan the QR code found on all of our bags to be taken to that page.
  • Better quality beans carefully roasted to develop the best aromas. All of our coffee beans are Speciality Grade. This means that they have all been assessed by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) and awarded a quality grade of 80 or above.
  • Freshly roasted to order with a clear ‘Roasting date’ (coffee freshness assured).
  • Ultimately a better taste. What more could you ask for?

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Proudly supporting The Long Table

The Long Table are a dedicated team of people, working hard to look after those in need, in our local community.

Using our ‘Coffee of the month’ promotion whereby we will be donating 50p from each 250g bag, 75p from each 500g bag and £1 from each 1kg bag of coffee sold, towards helping to fund free meals for those in most need across Gloucestershire.

Visit to find out more…